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YOUR health

As the Delta Variant is on the rise. Many of the US is already vaccinated, but we are still seeing cases of COVID. People who are vaccinated are becoming sick and people who aren’t vaccinated are becoming sick. I like to go back to the question of: What is the underlying health of the individual? We cannot look at AGE to be something that makes or breaks someone’s health. Age definitely is a factor, but it is not the end all be all. I’ve seen some pretty sick 20-40 year olds.

As much as we would love to RUN away from a virus, that is simply not how the natural world works. We can run forever, but this virus and Mother Nature are smart AF. They have been mutating and just because we have a vaccine, doesn’t mean this virus will stop mutating.

What is “Healthy”? Is it a lack of a diagnosis? Is it defined by how much you weigh? How much sleep you get? How many vegetables you eat? What’s your stress looks like, or maybe how you manage your stress? “Oh I’m not stressed” says the most stressed person ever, they just don’t realize it and aren’t aware of the many stressors in their life. How we cope with stress is a very important skill. How we accept or suppress our emotions.

Health is a combination of the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional being. We are not WHOLE without all of these things. We are interconnected to all of these facets, and true health encompasses all of that. If your mind is not well, it can manifest in the physical being and visa versa.

Until we actually realize that strengthening the HOST’s immune system is our way to TRUE health, we will constantly be running and trying to hide. Things have improved so much already, but now everyone is freaking out again. Working in a hospital, I see it first hand, AND I feel it. Tension is high again, people are stressed and fearful. Usually the people I see freaking out the most, are the ones who have not changed a single life habit to make themselves “Healthier”. They are continuing to STRESS (whether the stress is warranted or not), to eat whatever they want, to drink soda, juices, and sugared beverages, to not prioritize their sleep or their vitamin and mineral levels, to not prioritize exercise and joke about gaining a bunch of weight. They are the ones who were first in line for the vaccine, but last in line to change a dang lifestyle habit.

America is sick down to our core. We are a VERY sick nation. It’s sad to see us brush over a chronic disease diagnosis like it is inevitable or chalk it up to genetics. Just because the majority of people have a chronic disease, does not mean it is NORMAL or a “Natural" part of aging. Yes there are higher risks, but it is not an end all be all. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes lead to A SLEW of other diseases, especially if we do nothing about it. Medications are fantastic for maintenance, but they are typically not a cure for chronic disease. We have allowed chronic disease to become the NEW NORM. We have relied on doctors to do the work for us, and we have lost the accountability for our own health. I feel bad for doctors because they only have a few minutes with us and their goal is to save lives and prevent deaths, and medications do that really well. However, one of the things we are lacking in our medical system is accountability, for our own health. We expect OTHER people to miraculously make us better, and put little effort into healing ourselves. We don't see changing our lifestyle and diets as a form of medicine, or as a way to heal but as a nuisance and "you want me to do what?".

Until you realize that YOUR life is yours for the taking. YOUR decisions make or break the situation, it’s going to be difficult for you to heal or become healthy.

Health is not just the physical. Take FEAR for example. Fear is an emotion, caused by a belief. It becomes ingrained into our minds, and we will constantly live in fear, allowing it to consume us. As we live out our day, we are constantly thinking of those fears. We get anxious, nervous, and our sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system is constantly stimulated. Our cortisol (stress hormone) spikes, which also spikes our blood sugar. This happens OFTEN throughout the day. So for someone who may not be diabetic, we can still have an uncontrolled blood sugar roller coaster. Now add in foods we eat, or lack of sleep. Spikes and plummets in blood sugar throughout the day. You don’t have to have a diagnosis for your body to be stressed in some way, and for you to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

I like to educate people that we need to focus on the things that we have ABSOLUTE control over.

When it comes the efficacy of the vaccine, research reports that even OBESITY can lower the efficacy. With >42% of Americans who are obese, we can see where this will pose issues. How about our children? It is said that >14 million children are obese. With obesity on the rise, so is Non- alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is a liver that has accumulated fat, inflammation, and tissue damage. This is affecting 5-8 million children. Causes include Obesity, high levels of cholesterol, insulin resistance, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and caused by DIET, STRESS, and lack of EXERCISE (LIFESTYLE CHANGES).

Take your health by the HORNS.


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