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I graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have worked with thousands of clients, & have reached the conclusion that there is something missing in my practice.

The missing link is GUT HEALTH & nutrition. 
What I have realized is that chronic low-grade INFLAMMATION is the center of ALL diseases. Let Hippocrates tell you "All disease begins in the gut". If you have a chronic disease or health issue, chances are your GUT is the culprit. 

I believe that the body & the mind are intertwined & need to be in a state of balance in order to achieve vitality & health.

With this philosophy, I have curated my practice to incorporate not only physical therapy but Functional Nutrition, Functional Movement, Lifestyle Strategies, Meditation, Sound Baths, Gut Healing Protocols, high-quality supplementations, Stool, Saliva, Food Sensitivity & lab testing to help my clients heal. 

Optimal wellness is just around the corner. 

Improve your pain, energy, sleep, fatigue, skin, joints, migraines, gastrointestinal issues, brain fog, motivation, & hormone health


What are you waiting for?

Improve your health TODAY

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