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Suppressed Emotions can Manifest as Physical Disease

Emotions are everything

It’s really crazy that in Western medicine, we pretty much separate the emotional being from the physical being.

For example, after spending years, working in the hospital, very rarely do I see doctors actually have in-depth conversations with patients regarding their emotions. They might say “are you stressed or anxious or depressed?” but don’t really dive deeper. They just take it at face value, check the box saying this person is anxious or depressed. Many just adjust meds according to lab values and sometimes don’t ever go and see the patient. One of my biggest heart breaks was working during the pandemic and witnessing a PULMONOLOGIST “assess” a COV!D patient from outside the room. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. First off, how is that an assessment, secondly, that patient needed to speak to a doctor, instead of sitting in bed all day worried, scared, isolated, etc. I digress.

What we forget is that anxiety can be a temporary or situational feeling. I would bet that every person on planet earth feels some sort of anxiety in their lifetime. What I constantly talk to clients about is the fact that our emotions do not define who we are as a person and they are a feeling to something going on. Once we identify and bring awareness to WHY we are feeling this way, we can assess the emotion, sit with it, actually FEEL it, and then let it go if it does not serve us, instead of suppressing it. When we suppress, our body tends to store it, either in the brain or physical body.

Someone’s emotional health is just as important, if not more important than our physical health. Our emotional health intricately influences the physical body. Trapped and suppressed emotions can manifest as physical symptoms within the body. It is in our best interest to address emotional health if we want to physically be well. This is why I love a holistic approach to health and wellness because it embraces the mind-body connection.

Practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques can improve our emotional health and build resilience in the body. There will always be stress and moments of uncertainty, and although we can’t get rid of that stress all the time, we can change our body’s response to that stress.

A common theme I see with clients is that life is very stressful and they cannot get rid of that stress, I hear you, but how can we improve your body’s response to that stress? How can you set your body up for success? What kind of stress are we actually enduring and is it physical, mental, emotional or perceived.

There are other energy healing techniques, such as hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, muscle testing, holotropic breathing, etc. that can help uncover and resolve, trapped emotional energies. I will typically refer out for these services because it is not within my scope of practice. However, I have seen tremendous growth and healing with clients who utilize these tools.

We can often overlook some of the emotions that are deep within our subconscious. I’m going to geek out here a little bit, but our amygdala which is our emotional brain, develops way before our conscious brain (memories). Meaning, we can have emotional trauma from very early on in life and not consciously remember them, but they can be stored within our body.

Let’s agree on one thing, life would be extremely dull and boring without emotions. If we couldn’t feel love, gratitude, happiness, joy, peace, and other beautiful emotions, life would be empty. Yes, there are many emotions that are uncomfortable, but the beauty of life is ebbing and flowing through all of these emotions. Becoming aware of our emotions and being okay with discomfort sometimes, is how we can fully FEEL it all. Then we can accept that it is simply an emotion, and we can let it pass and move onto a different part of our life.

It is of course easier said than done, but it is something we can all work on.

We sometimes over-analyze things, perceive stress to be greater than it is, which can be quite harmful to our bodies. Most disease is rooted in stress. Imagine how much disease we could prevent if we focused more on keeping our emotional & mental health HEALTHY or at least flexible (able to go in and out of emotions easily).

I work with clients to improve digestion & balance hormones. I am continuing to learn everyday, that we can have a pristine diet, all the supporting supplements, hydrate, sleep, & exercise, but if we do not address our emotional & mental health, we can remain stuck or plateau with our healing journey. The body needs to feel SAFE, in order to heal.

I challenge you do something today for your emotional health. Go for a walk, get outside, practice some yoga, meditation or deep breathing. Go see an acupuncturist, get a massage, play, draw, journal, take a hot bath, or do something you love.

Start setting aside 15 minutes a day to do something for YOUR EMOTIONAL HEALTH. You will begin to build a deeper connection to your emotions & build resilience in your body. This simple practice alone will improve your health tremendously.

Let me know how it goes✨✨

In great health,



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